November 1970

A raid into North Vietnam to free American POWs 23 Nov 1970A raid into North Vietnam to free American POWs comes up empty-handed.Thanksgiving 1970:I left Quang Tri on Thanksgiving Day 1970 to come home. We were to go to Can Ranh Bay. Like most guys, we got orders to go home, but not given a way to get there. Jerry Beverage and I bummed a ride on a C 130 to Da Nang, hoping to find another flight to Cam Ranh from there, but no flights were leaving in the forseeable future. The Air Force ran the club at Da…

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September 1970

Gook fired 2 bursts of AK47 09 SeptemberGook fired 2 bursts of AK47 into the perimeter from about 400m out. No injuries, never found him. 29 SeptemberSgt. Otts caught shrapnel from 81mm 200m out. Da Nang for recoup. 30 September"66 hit mine. 8" round. 6 medivac'd. Beining (driving), broken arm, possibly broken leg, messed up pretty bad - stateside bound. F.O messed up neck &/or back, old man cut head (out cold). FNG - hurt knee, engineer & LT, internal injuries." That was 5 days a'fore I ETS'd!!! That was the last entry (besides "I'm outa here!") in my diary.Skee 

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August 1970

August 1970 - From Klinsky's war dairy: From Klinsky's war dairy: 12 August 7:30 AM20 rockets were fired 1800m in front of us aimed at Sharon. Our tanks and mortars fired up the launch site, as did 105's from Ann. Tried to sweep the area but was tri-can - nothing. 14 AugustBrigade security platoon ambushed in our AO. 2KIA, 2 WIA 17 August PM27 sank completely in Quang Tri River. CBL. 19 AugustI'm going in for E-5 board. 47 in front of us hit mine. CBL. Roland minor back injuries and shock, Lea paralyzed 2 fingers - also his 3rd mine! Sent stateside. 20 Augustpassed 5…

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July 1970

July 1970  From R. Klinsky’s war dairy:1 July (Skee made 2 digit midget)3rd herd moved to Hai Lang  w/ 1st platoon joining us later.  3 companies of NVA supposed to be in the area. (what the heck were we…bait???)3 JulyTingo shot his big toe almost off w/ a 60. Using the Cav and 2 platoons of 1/77 as a blocking force, the ARVN's waxed 145 NVA.4 JulySgt Debos went out to pick up a gangbang of 4 claymores.  Gooks stole 3 and booby trapped the 4th.  It went off when he was about 20 ft from it.  Messed up his…

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June 1970

Robert F. Kennedy assassinated 6 June 1970Robert F. Kennedy assassinated.From Klinsky’s war dairy:9 June12Pm  Quang Tri got hit by 19 rockets.  Hit the 1/77 hootches killing 2 and wounding 22 engineers - direct hit on their hootches.  Hit empty service club and empty movie area.  Almost hit battalion TOC.  2 hit not far from our hootches - but we were back in the bush.12 JuneI (Skee) got walked on my bare back by a 6" centipede.  Drew blood.  Doc lanced it w/ a razor blade.  Tight & painful for a day or 2 but no damage.19 JuneSgt. Mac hit a…

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