August 1970 - From Klinsky's war dairy:

From Klinsky’s war dairy: 

12 August 7:30 AM
20 rockets were fired 1800m in front of us aimed at Sharon. Our tanks and mortars fired up the launch site, as did 105’s from Ann. Tried to sweep the area but was tri-can – nothing. 

14 August
Brigade security platoon ambushed in our AO. 2KIA, 2 WIA 

17 August PM
27 sank completely in Quang Tri River. CBL. 

19 August
I’m going in for E-5 board. 47 in front of us hit mine. CBL. Roland minor back injuries and shock, Lea paralyzed 2 fingers – also his 3rd mine! Sent stateside. 

20 August
passed 5 board 

28 hit mine. CBL. Minor injuries. 

21 August

18 hit mine. CBL.

27 August

11 hit mine. CBL. Minor injuries.

29 August

22 hit mine. CBL. Minor injuries.