Damn thing looked like a Dragons breath comming out of the stairway

Keith and Rag,  I remember when we gave LZ Nancy back to the ARVN some shit head higher up said we had to leave Nancy the way it was when it was built.  That is what the TOC had to go away.  I was around there for some reason about the time the TOC was destroyed.  There was a black dude who worked in base camp doing something and his job was to burn out the wood supports in the TOC so it would fall in on its self and the roof sand bags would just about fill it level with the surface.  He didn’t put diesel in but backed a mo-gas truck up to one of the 2 (I think) stairways down into the bunker and loaded it with a hundred or so gallons of gasoline.  Then he stood in front of the stairway and threw in a trip flare to ignite it.  Damn thing looked like a Dragons breath comming out of the stairway.  The black dude was burned pretty good where he didn’t have clothes on.  His hair was burned off below his ball cap.  He survived it because I saw him later and he was black and had pink spots mixed in everywhere he was burned.  Strange look and hope he returned to his original color eventually.  Jerry Malan say night night.

Keith Eaton <keaton47@ameritech.net> wrote:


 I’m with you, Don’t remember much about the move just remember the great fire we made when we distroyed the TOC at Nancy we pored a shit pot full of diesel in side and threw some thing in to ignite it. The Toc went up in a fine blaze. The one thing we hadn’t counted on was the amount of ammo that had been lost dropped or just left inside so we had rounds going off right and left. 

I do remember that it was kind of nice at Quang Tri there was a seperate hootch for the radio operators the commo sargent slept in a different hootch and there was a seperate commo/radio shop. Also we were not on top of the hill like at Nancy where the hootch always seemed like a big target even though it had a great view.

 One other observation was when were got to the new area I couldn’t believe all of the sandbags the Marines had filled around the area had never seen that many in my entire tour.

 Take Care, Keith

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HELLO out there. Where the hell is everyone today? It’s been real quite here lately. Lets see if I can get another good conversation going.

I don’t remember much of our move from LZ Nancy to Quang Tri. I was getting to be a shortimer and don’t remember much of my last few months in the Troop in Nam. I was trying very hard to stay alive and in one piece. Plus I had the responsibility of keeping the crew alive and well also. I wanted to make sure I taught Hall, Baynes and Barnes all I knew before I left. Sniper Tom was with me for awhile but by then he already had his shit together. I always figured if you where going to buy the farm you should do it early in your tour and save having to spend all that time there just to get killed in the end. Does anyone remeber when we made the move? I also don’t remember spending much time in Quang Tri as we didn’t seem to spend much time in base camp anyway. I do remember that Quang Tri was like a 5 star hotel compared to Nancy. I was then the TC on A14 and I do remember that it was a real clunker. We could’nt seem to keep an engine in that thing. We changed three motors that I could remember and that thing never did run right. I always wanted to TC A15 “Playmate”. That’s where I started and I always thought of Playmate as my home. Now there was a fine running track. Other than track and road wheels A15 was all original and old Lucky Lou Larson had that thing running like a watch. I have alot of great memories from Playmate. We had a great crew and we worked very well together, as all of the crews did anyway. I never got hurt while on Playmate but it seemed everytime I rode another track I got hit. So dust off the memory banks and start talkin Brothers.

Peace, Rag