September 1970

Gook fired 2 bursts of AK47 09 SeptemberGook fired 2 bursts of AK47 into the perimeter from about 400m out. No injuries, never found him. 29 SeptemberSgt. Otts caught shrapnel from 81mm 200m out. Da Nang for recoup. 30 September"66 hit mine. 8" round. 6 medivac'd. Beining (driving), broken arm, possibly broken leg, messed up pretty bad - stateside bound. F.O messed up neck &/or back, old man cut head (out cold). FNG - hurt knee, engineer & LT, internal injuries." That was 5 days a'fore I ETS'd!!! That was the last entry (besides "I'm outa here!") in my diary.Skee 

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