Brings back a great memory

Brings back a great memory. The mechanics had a bunker at C-2. Ernie Holton (now deceased) relayed this story. The bunker had a parachute on the ceiling to keep dirt from falling on the bunks. A rat called “Freddie” would entertain the guys by running around on the parachute. One night, they left some cheese from a B-2 unit on the ledge above Sgt Peterson’s cot. The rat slipped in the middle of the night and landed on Pete. He about went nuts.   I recall the mechanics were good guys and good at their jobs. They were constantly picking on Pete. I remember Vukatich?, Al Lott, Beatty, Holton, a few others. 


John, Al Lott was from Yuma, Az. I know that his given name was Herbert. I checked around and can’t locate him. He was an excellent mechanic and like many others, a tribute to our troop. [Bob Taylor]

Several of the mechanics of the ’69-’70 era have preceded us to Fiddler’s Green. Ernie Holton, Johnny Mills, Big John Mackin, Ken Eizik, and John Bracken are gone. Charlie DeMeo will join us in Vegas, and Butch Beatty has finally been located. I don’t know if he can make it or not.  Jim C. 

Anyone remembers a mechanic named King – a brother? [Skee]

Hey John,

I got to see it first hand….those mechanics were as dedicated as anyone I ever saw…They worked their tails off in that dammed heat and in the rain and mud. They took each job as a personal goal and did a super job everytime. There was a particular guy e-5 from Riverside ,Ca. Anderson. I have never been able to find him. Helluva mechanic, one hell of a guy.


Hey Jimmy,

What about King, do you remember him,? Short, buffed, very nice man. He was a helluva mechanic.

He is pictured in the yearbook standing next to Beatty, in the pictured labeled The Grease Monkeys.” I have not heard whether he has been found or not.

Take care,


Yeah, this is the guy I was wondering about….Skee

Great to see you remember the mechanics! Bill Styles has been located, but Jim King has not. Dave Anderson came in mid-70, along with an airborne spec 5 whose name was Bill, I think. Sothey McLawhorn is in No Carolina. Zimmerman and Perkins worked in the motor shack. I apologize to those I’ve forgotten, but my memory fails me…