Ho Chi Minh, leader of the North Vietnamese dies

3 Sept 1969
Ho Chi Minh, leader of the North Vietnamese, dies in Hanoi at the age of 79. 

Sept 5 Alpha 4, typhoon hit, heavy rain, wind and mud (Taylor)

Sept 6 Back at Nancy, The first and third platoon went to LZ Jayne. Finally on 29, we got a new engine, transmission and transfer case. Pulling night ambushes, Got a new CO. We stole the Col ‘s Jeep, repainted it and kept it. (Taylor)

Troop is back from A4, no one in 1st platoon was injured. 5 NVA KIA, Dodds brought back an AK-47 (it is in the club along with a RPG from Hai Lang) I will be taking over one of the tracks and J.B. will be taking my place in the rear. (Coop)

Sept 14-29 broke again, We were put in for CIB’s. Monsoon started, daily rain. We had gook made jackets. “ Fighters by day, Lovers by night, Drunkards by choice” on the back of them. 

I am TC on A15 now (an old Tanker now a Grunt). We are now pulling night mounted AP; it has been raining hard for the last four days. Dan went on R&R yesterday. (Coop)

Troop is working along the DMZ/marketplace working from Alpha-4. As you approach A4 from the south, the first thing you see on the first hill is the EOD bunker. There is a huge sign telling you so.

The troop has a steak cookout at A4 way into the night. We use a piece of anti-RPG fencing for a grill. The North Vietnamese leave us alone. My theory is that they too were cooking steaks and in no mood to fight either.

We have two nights of staying at a large command bunker and witnessing rockets bracketing the bunker in the mornings. We are very happy to be going out to the field 1/77th troops take our place.

The next day, command bunker is rocketed at A4, supposedly killing many 1/77th troopers. (ggersaba)

Sept 27 2nd platoon sent to C2, attached to the 1/11 infantry. TC on 29, 2nd platoon received two new APCs (Taylor)


UNNAMED OPERATION 25 September – 22 October 1969 excerpts from COAAR


1-11 Inf 

1-61 Inf (M) 

1-77 Armor, A/4-12 Cav 

3-5 Cav, C/2-34 Armor 

  1. (C) CONCEPT OF OPERATION: During the period covered by this report the brigade operational area was divided into five task force areas of operations. 
  2. TF 1-77 Armor operated in AO Gold. This battalion, based at LZ Nancy conducted search and clear, reconnaissance in force and rice denial operations throughout AO Gold. 
  3. (C) EXECUTION: list of significant events which occurred during the operation 

(5) 30 Sep 1969 APC from 2/A/4-12 Cav detonated an AT mine at YD102668. Results were four US WIA (E) and moderate damage to the vehicle. 

(7) 2 Oct 1969 Night defensive positions of B/1-77 Armor, A/4-12 Cav and 2&3/C/1-11 Inf were attacked by an estimated NVA company at YD72677. Results of the contact were one US KIA, 22 US WIA (E), 14 NVA KIA and one NVA PW. Nine RPG’s, 11 AK47’s, 60 Chicom grenades and 30 B40/B41 Rockets were captured. 

(18) 18 Oct 1969 A/4-12 Cav found two NVA bodies at YD174679; two hours later the unit uncovered two more bodies at YD178682.