We made the switch


We made the switch [to Sheridan tanks] on or about March 1, 1970. John 26 

The following was contributed by 3rd platooner Robert Klinsky, from his war dairy:

1st platoon spotted 10 gooks across the river today.  Made a sweep but never saw them again – natch.

Andy Shuller had a blasting cap go off in his face (oops).  Drew blood and blurred his vision but will be OK.  Medivac’d by boat.

A gook sampan boat hit a river mine.  4 killed plus 1 with broken back & neck.  We pulled a sweep and stayed out an extra night.

Screw up in 4 deuce defcons from Cua Viet.  Landed an HE 50 mikes from our perimeter.  Like we need this shit!   8th, back to Cua Viet.

2nd platoons across river.  CO told them to go straight to a woodline despite their protests they’d pass thru a minefield where they’d hit a mine last month.  Made them go anyway and they hit another mine – 3 medivac’d – broken arm the worst.  They also took two incoming rounds that night.  &*#$%^&* CO!!

LT and 4 tracks crossed Jones Creek at low tide.  One track had a breakdown on the wrong side of the creek and they tried towing it back – across the creek – now at high tide.  (Not!)  Got stuck in the middle of the creek with the track full of water and the top 2″ showing out of the water.  We left it overnight.

Lopez passed out sitting on his track.  Stomach cramps and seizures.  Medivac’d.  Medivac was going to start treatment for “heatstroke” – Doc Lagnese told them he was just crashing from speed.

Went back at low tide and towed LT’s track out of Jones Creek and drained it.

March 15 put in for R&R, swimming in ocean daily (Taylor)

16th, back in to Cua Viet.

March 19 cold, rainy, got small dog on track (Taylor) 

2 AM defcons were a nightmare for our mortar track (49er).  2nd rnd was a dud 300 mikes out, 3rd & 4th hot and on target, 5th hot but 150m short, 6th 25m from the tube – INSIDE OUR PERIMETER!!!  Thank God it either didn’t have time to arm or it was another dud!!  Next AM I read the lot number then blew it in place and fired the rest w/ that lot number into the ocean.  Didn’t need THAT experience either!