January to May 1969

I think this action took place late ’68 or early ’69. The Troop was pulling a sweep into DMZ, this is the first time we went up far north into the Z. The grunts and we were searching bunkers. This guy was from A15 track, he throws a frag into a bunker and goes in and drags out a wounded NVA. He had to disarm and drag him out because he was not coming out on his own. They medivac’d the NVA. I remember it was still early in country for us because the B52’s were still flying missions. If I am not mistaken A15 trooper received the Silver Star for this; later on he went on R&R to Hawaii and when he returned to the Troop he was put in charge of the Club at Nancy.
(Charles Cooper)

Is this the mission we sat up a NDP and a NVA rocket team started rocketing e that we were there. The north side of our perimeter opened fire and then the New Jersey fired 2 rounds. The next morning we started the sweep. Then the incident you mentioned took place. We continued the move and ended up at the Ben Hai River. I remember firing
several main gun rounds into North Viet Nam. We then hooked west and ended up in a NVA base camp. SSgt. Makela found a bunker and went in with a pistol and brought out a very frightened dink. We trashed the camp. Found a bunch of documents and a small medical bunker. I heard we were ordered out. While all this was going on, A Co 1/77 was in contact with another bunch of bad guys. These could have been the owners of base camp.
(Glenn Bowers)

The guy that tossed the grenade received the Bronze Star. We were maneuvering along the beach and somehow he saw the bunker. I think they had a formal presentation for the award. He came back and was shaking his head. Why for you shake your head we asked. He said he received 2 Bronze Stars and he couldn’t figure out what the big deal was and why did he received 2. I think the morning after was when we, A28, sunk into a sand bog. It took 2 tanks to pull us out. What fun. (Coop) 

I was speaking with Ken Dye tonight and he confirmed the following information for Dec 68 or early 69. 

Person who went into the bunker and pulled out the NVA was Dan Lohman and Ken put him in for a Bronze Star w/V, I do believe this would be the first A Trooper to receive a medal for Valor while in Nam. Dan Lohman was part of Ken’s squad A-15. 

We also discussed my notes on “First Time”, Ken added we were working with the 1/11 Inf. During the incoming Ken had to go out and recover the grunts and then pull back; all of this took place while A-16 was stuck down in the bottom of the bomb crater. 

He was also talking about A Troop’s trip to Hue part of the Troop was assigned to the 101st Airborne (up on top of a hill outside of town). He has a lot of good information for ’68-’69. He gave me the address of Dan Lohman, I am going to see if I can get a hold of him. 

Subject: Sitrep: DMZ early 69
I was reading on the troops site about the action on the DMZ (it was in early 69, not late 68). I had been wondering all these years why the Brass was so hot for us to get out of there. Well, I found out. This maps says we weren’t just in the DMZ, but were in North Vietnam. 😀 Anyway if I remember right we were up to the Ben Hai river on the coast. 

My flag is out with the Cav pennant flying proudly below it. Can you remember where you were 35 years ago. I think do. It wasn’t bad…..just awesome. I was on ambush in the scrub  west of Quang Tri. We were hunkered down along a supposed ‘rice trail’. The bush was not very thick and low enough that if you stood up the taller guys could almost see over it. Like with most all ambushes nothing was going on. Then, with no warning, to our north about a few clicks a duster opened up with tracers and air bursts. Suddenly, a couple of clicks east of them, pop ups of all kinds lit the sky. Buy now we were wondering what the fuck was going on and, I might add, getting a bit nervous. Behind us, to the south and south west, red tracers and pop ups split the darkness…..what, we’re surrounded!!!????  It was all still going; duster, pop ups, and tracers, only a few moments had passed, when from the east….Quang Tri lit up too. That’s about when one of the guys said, “it’s the fourth of July!”. The show went on for what seemed to be  several  minutes, and in the total black that was the Viet Nam bush, it was spectacular!!!! Bob [Rebbec]

Way to go Bob, I remember it also as Sgt “D” knocked his finger out of it’s socket and told me to go out and setup as he would be our later but didn’t make it back out. It was my first ambush and boy was I praying.. I do remember blowing the hell out of a pagoda. Joe [Byrne] 

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