Robert F. Kennedy assassinated

6 June 1970
Robert F. Kennedy assassinated.

From Klinsky’s war dairy:

9 June
12Pm  Quang Tri got hit by 19 rockets.  Hit the 1/77 hootches killing 2 and wounding 22 engineers – direct hit on their hootches.  Hit empty service club and empty movie area.  Almost hit battalion TOC.  2 hit not far from our hootches – but we were back in the bush.

12 June
I (Skee) got walked on my bare back by a 6″ centipede.  Drew blood.  Doc lanced it w/ a razor blade.  Tight & painful for a day or 2 but no damage.

19 June
Sgt. Mac hit a mine with 46 (YES, he was driving – for kicks) Blew a nice hole but no damage or injuries.  (believe this is the day Sgt. Otts joined us.)

23 June
Sgt. Otts and Werner medivac’d for M-79 shrapnel wounds.  (If I remember correctly the round one of them fired hit a limb right over their heads)  Werner right back but Otts needed 4 stitches in his neck.

25 June
27 hit mine on Red Ball. 79 mini-primer, mortar round primer and 105 for a kicker – 105 didn’t detonate.  No damage, no injuries.

26 June
I’m now an official “Acting Jack” (field 5) 24 hit mine – kicker didn’t detonate (same FNG must’ve set them both up).
1/77 scout track hit by command detonated 155 mine in our AO.  Chuck blew it directly under the driver.  Blew him, the lats, seat, dashboard – right up and out the hatch.  Legs gone.  KIA

27 June 1970
Tank A-38 hit mine: the incident took place near the Quang Tri River, about 2 miles south of Quang Tri City. The driver (SP4 Lea) and I (Jim Good) were both slightly injured, and medivaced to Quang Tri. Other guys from the 3rd Platoon saw a young kid, about 14 years of age run from the area. It appears that he set off the command detonated mine as we drove past. Lea, Jerry Darnell, John Davis and I all got the Purple Heart for injuries resulting from that mine.Photograph of damaged A-38.
(Jim Good)

From Klinsky’s war dairy:

47 hit mine.  3- 155 rounds.  CBL tank but bruised knee and sore butts the worst injuries.

20 hit mine.  Driver took 4 stitches in chin.  CBL track.  Had belly plate which helped a bunch.