Trooper Memories of 1971

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March 1971Pineapple,Found a letter "Tex" Keith L. Anderson, 3rd platoon,  wrote me in March of 71 after I was home and he had about 70 or so days left.  Might be a bit for the journal.  I believe I say he'd been located, if not, let me know cause I've got a line on him thru Terry.Keith wrote;"I don't guess you've heard about them running us off the Rock Pile.  Just before we went to Khe Sahn, they had us sitting on a hill just north of the Rock Pile.  We stayed there 19days.  When we went up there we…

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January 1971

History of the 12th Cav in Vietnam 27 Jul 1968 – 30 Nov 1971 According to the collective remembrances of it’s surviving troopers. CPT Errol D. Alexander, July-Oct 1968CPT Kenneth G. Carlson, Oct 68-Mar 69CPT Larry R. Robinson, Mar-Sep 1969CPT William C. Kaufman, Sep-Nov 1969CPT Matthias A. Spruill, Nov 69-Feb 70CPT John L. B. Smith, Feb-May 1970CPT Robert R. Richards, May-Oct 70CPT Woodrow W. Waldrop, Oct 70-Apr 71CPT Edward E. Helton, Apr-Oct 71 Recommendation for a Presidential Unit Citation for Lam Son 719 brought to light by Charles John Wayne Russell. The following information was provided by Short, Keith . (2000) C COMPANY,…

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