History of the 12th Cav in Vietnam 27 Jul 1968 – 30 Nov 1971 According to the collective remembrances of it’s surviving troopers.

CPT Errol D. Alexander, July-Oct 1968
CPT Kenneth G. Carlson, Oct 68-Mar 69
CPT Larry R. Robinson, Mar-Sep 1969
CPT William C. Kaufman, Sep-Nov 1969
CPT Matthias A. Spruill, Nov 69-Feb 70
CPT John L. B. Smith, Feb-May 1970
CPT Robert R. Richards, May-Oct 70
CPT Woodrow W. Waldrop, Oct 70-Apr 71
CPT Edward E. Helton, Apr-Oct 71


Recommendation for a Presidential Unit Citation for Lam Son 719 brought to light by Charles John Wayne Russell. 

The following information was provided by Short, Keith . (2000) C COMPANY, 1 st BATTALION, 11 th INFANTRY.  Colorado : Roshtiek: from his research manual. 

Two operations of the 5th Mech out of the AA’s; with information in regards to A Troop 4/12 Cav activities. 

1/C/1-11, 1/5 Infantry Division (Mech)–Quang Tri Province 
3/A/2-506th Infantry (Ambl), 3/101st Airborne Division (Ambl)–Thua Thien 

Lam Son 719 Significant Events entries in the Combat After Action Report of 
the 1/5 Mech. 
According to the AA, A/4-12 Cav had 25 WIA’S and  no KIA’S during this 

28 JAN 71 
        1/A/4-12, 282217H, YD107694 (4km SW S-4). 
The unit reported that a trip flare was detonated approximately 75 meters 
north of the NDP.  They also received 3-4x rounds of AK-47 fire from the 
north.  Organic weapons fire was placed on the area, and pink light and 
radar were employed, but with negative sightings.  The area was swept at 
first light with negative results. 

29 JAN 71 
        2/A/4-12, 291200H, YD157687 (4km ESE A-4). 
An M551 Sheridan detonated a PM60 mine buried near a tank trail.  There was 
1x US WIA; the vehicle sustained moderate damage.  The unit then received 
approximately 10x rounds of AK-47 fire from 100 meters west of their 
location.  The area was engaged with organic weapons fire and was swept 
with negative results.  There were negative further friendly casualties. 
The resulting crater was 5’x3’x7′. 
        2/A/4-12, 291430H, YD163700 (5km east A-4) 
An M551 Sheridan detonated a PM60 mine buried in a tank trail.  There was 
1x US WIA; the vehicle sustained moderate damage.  The crater was 7’x7’x’5. 

12 FEB 71 
        A/4-12, 121145, YD158698 (3km E A-4). 
A M551 hit a PM60 pressure activated mine which was buried in an open field 
resulting in a crater which was 4′ by 4′.  There were negative friendly 
casualties, the vehicle was a combat loss. 

3 APR 71 
        1-77, 032310H, XD820418 (2km N Khe Sanh). 
Team received AK-47 fire and grenades from an estimated 6x NVA.  Small arms 
fire and grenades were returned.  A/4-12 reinforced team.  Results:  1x US 
KIA, 1x US WIA, 2x NVA KIA.  Sniper team at 040800H, made a sweep of area 
where there was contact resulting in the following items captured:  2x RPG 
rounds, 1x RPG cleaning kit, 1x estimated one pound type of explosive, 1x 
homemade bangalore torpedo, 1x hunting knife with scabbard, 1x first-aid 
packet, 1x NVA pistol belt with fish cakes.  There were heavy blood trails 
and drag marks throughout the area. 

Montana Mustang Significant Events entries in the Combat After Action 
Report of the 1/5 Mech. 
According to the AA, A/4-12 Cav had 19 WIA’s and 2 KIA’s during this 
operation.  They were attached to Task Force 1-77 Armor with the 1-77 Armor 

20 APR 1971 
201025H, YD238460.  2/A/4-12.  Track detonated an unknown type 
boobytrap–negative casualties or damage.  Area was checked with negative 
results.  No recent area activity. 

201230H, YD331445.  3/A/4-12.  M551 detonated a 20 pound plastic pressure 
activated mine–negative casualties.  No recent area activity.  2 vehicles 
had passed over mine previously. 

1 MAY 1971 
011340H, YD290458.  2/A/4-12.  M113 hit Arty shell having claymore type 
clacker detonator–negative casualties.  One roadwheel was blown off. 

5 May 1971 
051000H, YD249484.  2/A/4-12.  M551 hit aluminum type rocket mine blowing 
off 2 roadwheels–1 US WIA. 

051145H, YD258486.  2/A/4-12 discovered mine made up of 1 RPG and 1 82mm 
round.  Mine was blown in place. 

18 MAY 1971 
182040H, YD112719.  2/A/4-12 spotted 3 personnel 50 meters from their 
position while on an 8-man ambush and engaged with M16 and M79 fire, the 
enemy were engaged with M16 and M79 fire to the South.  4.2″ blocking fire 
was used to the West. 

19 MAY 1971 
192115H, YD131684.  CP/A/4-12 took 3 unknown rounds of incoming–1 US WIA. 
No counterbattery fire. 

23 MAY 1971 
230900H, YD100642.  A/4-12 took 4x 82mm rounds–negative casualties or 
damage.  Counterbattery and 81mm fire employed.  Scts/1-61 swept area with 
negative results. 

30 MAY 
301440H, YD263485.  A/4-12.  M113 set off a TM-41 mine with 4.2″ round on 
top of it blowing off 2 road wheels and damaging hull around sprocket.  4 US 

31 MAY 
031000H, YD355453.  A/4-12.  Individual set off anti-personnel mine–1 US 
WIA.  No recent area activity.  Area swept with negative results. 

4 JUN 
040835H, YD304409.  With mine detector, 1/A/4-12 detected boobytrapped 
155mm round which was blown in place. 

041255H, YD361477.  2/A/4-12.  Individual set off pressure activated mine 
(anti-personnel)–3 US WIA.  No recent activity. 

7 JUN 1971 
070908H, YD232435.  3/A/4-12.  M551 set off suspected 155mm/4.2″ round 
blowing off 1 roadwheel arm and 2 pads–negative casualties.  Area swept 
with negative results.  No recent area activity. 

8 JUN 1971 
081400H, YD222456,  2/A/4-12.  M113 set off anti-personnel mine wounding 
individual on next track–no vehicle damage. 

081742H, YD262487.  A/4-12.  M551 hit unknown type mine which tipped 
vehicle on its side with one man trapped inside–2 US WIA. 

2 JUL7 1971 
021850H, YD137632.  A/4-12 took AK-47 and 2 RPGs from unknown size enemy 
force and returned organic weapons fire.  Negative casualties or damage. 
Area swept with negative results. 

7 July 1971 
071200H, YD095683.  A/4-12 found 1 mortar site which they destroyed.