A Troop 4th Squadron, 12th US Cavalry

Vietnam Veterans Serving July 1968 – November 1971

Freedom Is Not Free

A Troop 4/12 Cav (Vietnam Era) invites and encourages trooper's family members to participate in the troop's reunions, memorial services, remembrances of our fellow troopers who have passed on to Fiddler's Green, and to continue the camaraderie of the BROTHERHOOD....Long Live the Cav and its BROTHERHOOD!!

2020/2021 Reunion Update

A Troop 4th Squadron 12th Cavalry Regiment Reunion.
This year’s reunion was held on October 20th 2021.  Look for photos and event overview by Thanksgiving.

Who We Were

We came from the north, the south, the east, the west, from the big cities, the small country towns, large families, only child families, as high school drop outs and as college graduates, as fathers, sons, husbands or brothers. We were unemployed, laborers, students, clerks, tradesmen, professionals and soldiers. We were law-abiding citizens or we may have been given the choice of the service or jail. We were a slice of the Baby Boomer generation, Career Soldiers (Lifers), Draftees (US), or Volunteers (RA’s).

We went because we were ordered to go, or we wanted to become US citizens, or wanted adventure or because we believed in fighting for democracy. Some might have needed to get out of present situations at home or had nothing better to do at the time. A lot of us celebrated our coming of age in Nam. We also encountered a lot of “FOR THE FIRST TIME” life experiences there. By the end of our tour with A Troop 4/12 Cav we came to have one thing in common…

A Troop Reunions and reunion infromation.

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A note regarding the website

This website is a newer project that was started in late 2020 with the goal of harvesting as much of the old content as reasonably possible to preserve the stories of the brotherhood.

We are grateful for the work of so many people who have to tell our stories. The original site was started sometime in 2003.  The old site had grown to over 140 pages and hundreds of photos. 

Unfortunately, the old website’s structure and coding is not current and are too old to re-work.  This new site is designed to be user-friendly and allow users to search for content within the site.     

A big thank you to Charles Cooper, George Gersaba “Pineapple” and Cheryal Taylor for carrying the torch for so many years.

A Troop 4/12 Cav Strusture


The A-4/12 Cav shall be a nonprofit, nonsectarian, nonpolitical, nondiscriminatory veteran’s service organization.

Mission Statement: Continuing the camaraderie of A Troop 4/12 Cav (Vietnam Era) through reunions, memorial services and communications.

Recent Event

A Troop 4th Squadron 12th Cavalry Regiment Reunion

2021 Reunion

This years reunion was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a number of reasons. One is we have not had a reunion in that part of the country for a while and it is close and available to most of our West Coast Brothers. Secondly our fearless leader Bob Richards volunteered to be boots on the ground working to find a hotel, and go to school for a bartending certificate so we can have a bar in the hospitality suite.

Please visit the site around Thanksgiving for a summary of the event and view some photos!

Email or Contact Us

Bob Richards E-Mail rrricha@comcast.net Phone: 1-505-307-2056 Keith Eaton E-Mail Keaton47@ameritech.net Phone: 1-614-266-8848

Their Stories

NDP - OPS - Patrols

NVA guys who smelled sooo BAD? North and West of A-4Sgt. Barrows/others where were we when we found those NVA guys who smelled sooo BAD? I recall we smelled them long before we saw them. I think the artillery had…

September 1969

Ho Chi Minh, leader of the North Vietnamese dies 3 Sept 1969Ho Chi Minh, leader of the North Vietnamese, dies in Hanoi at the age of 79. Sept 5 Alpha 4, typhoon hit, heavy rain, wind and mud (Taylor)Sept 6 Back…